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Sunday, June 26, 2005 

The tide is turning

After a couple of days of endless bad beats, variance has shown its head on the positive side. 1 tournament last night and 3 today made for good times.

Last night I played in the Poker Forum Challenge for PSO and did really well. It was a $5000 freeroll with first place taking $1375. There were 1435 or so entrants and only the top 30 got paid. I managed to finish 20th for a $45 win. the blinds were just too much for me at that point and had to push with QJ only to be called by AK. Nice finish though.

Today I played 2 of the $4.40 satellites for a token and won one token to the $26 event and finished second in the other for $10.

9pm was the PSO League Tournament and I played really well until the last hand. I was second in chips with 4 left. chip leader is the big blind and had about 18000 chips, I had 13000 chips. I have KQ in the small blind. Blinds are 200/400 and I raised to 1600. He called. Flop comes KJ7. I bet big and he raised me all in. Up until this point I had been raising a lot preflop and thought maybe he was just trying to push me off my hand. Unfortunately he showed JJ and out I went in 4th place. It was a $5 tournament and I won $18 and 2000 PSO points (equiv of $20). So not a bad showing but I should have finished higher. I didn't need to get involved with the chip leader at that point and especially not for all my chips in that spot. Oh well. Live and learn.

Wednesday is the last day for the $26 satellites to the $1500 WSOP events. There are 6 satellites, each different events so hopefully I'll win more tokens. I'll at least play the $24 NL Tuesday night at midnight. wish me luck!

Thursday, June 23, 2005 

so frustrating

i keep getting killed in these tourneys going in with the best hand. pissing me off. tuesday night i go all in with AA and get called by QQ of course he hits his Q and I get knocked out 30 of like 210.
So then tonight 3 tourneys I played and each one I get knocked out as a decent favorite.

Guys limps in middle position, I raise with AK of clubs on button, blinds fold. MP reraises me all in, I call. He shows Q8 of clubs. Of course the Q falls and he wins the hand. UGH

There's something I'm missing or doing wrong somewhere along the line. I need to read again because i haven't touched a book in a while.

no stats to report as I'm tired...I'll try to post tomorrow for the past week. Not a great week though :(

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 

Still no dice

Got another satellite token and played the $26 tourney tonight. 222 players. here is the recap:

222 to start
47 of 208 12:10AM
52 of 155 12:25AM
down to 1310 chips after i overplayed a pair + straight flush draw
blinds 50/100
76 of 97
55 of 79 got really lucky with KQ on KT9 flop...paul wolfe had QJ flopped the straight and someone else called with AK and luckily i got the split
2300 chips
had AJ flop JJ7 got another 1k chip pot 3370 chips - 41 of 74
39 of 63
3570 chips 100/200 blinds
oy raise to 1000 with AQs...get called ...push 994 flop two hearts...get called by AA...9 comes on river he has house i'm down to 500 chips

next hand i push ATs 3 callers...2000 chip pot...same guy as before bets to chase out the other two...only has KQs with flush Ace holds up i have 2330 chips

44 of 51 left
won a small pot with 45s 1:45AM 30 of 48

2AM 29 of 33 2265 chips left blinds 200/400 50 ante

2nd break
first hand back 250/500 blinds and I'm first to act. see K9o so I pushed called by ATo flop comes AA8 and I'm done :( oh well I will try again
finished 30th

Been a busy week or I'd be posting more. Haven't played a whole lot and when I have I've gotten owned. At least I cleared a $150 to make up for this disaster. Here's this past week's stats:

.5/1: -35.82
.5/1 kill: -4.25
1/2: -49.25
1/2 kill: -115.57

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

No luck yet

Tried another $26 WSOP qualifier to win a $1500 event buyin and came in 24th of about 220.
Not much else going on lately other than work. I should have my site within the next 2-3 weeks. So look out for the announcement here! Other than that been playing a little while I can.
The Gaming Club hand histories aren't working with Poker Tracker at the moment so this is not all inclusive although I've been pretty much break even there.

.5/1: +46.63
1/2: -22.25

Friday, June 03, 2005 

chillin in the club

I joined Pokerstars and Gaming Club this past week to take advantage of promotions and signup bonuses. The Gaming Club was good to me today as I made about $90 altogether :)

6/1/2005 - 6/2/2005
.5/1: +85
.5/1 kill: +0.75
1/2: +$15.50

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

Try try again

I played another $26 satellite tournament last night with about 260 people. I finally won a nice pot about 45 minutes in and got up to 2400 chips. I was 63 of 124 at the first break. Got moved to a new table a couple times. buying blinds here and there. 67 of 90 and I got AK in the BB. 4 limpers so I pushed all in. Guy who limped with QQ calls. I hit the A on the flop and flush on the turn and I'm up to 5130 chips. I was 27 of 70 with blinds at 100/200 and chip leader has about 22k chips. So a little while later I have QQ in middle position. I raise to 700 and the BB raises to 1200. He only had a few hundred chips less than me so I didn't want to get in a race against AK . I called with the intention of pushing on any flop without an A or K. flop came KT9. He bet out the minimum 200. I retrospect I should have raised to find out where I was at. He pushed on a rag on the turn and i had to give up the hand :( that was the beginning of the end. Played another couple of bad hands. I finally had to go all in with KTo and got called by ATo. No help and I finished 41.

thursday 5/27/2005 - Tuesday 5/31/2005
Ring Games:
.5/1: +23.80
.5/1 kill: +22.20
1/2: -11
1/2 kill: +33.50

  • NL = No Limit Holdem
  • PLO = Pot Limit Omaha
  • CP = Crazy Pineapple
  • TD = Triple Draw
  • UTG = Under the Gun (first to act)
  • MP = Middle Position
  • LP = Late Position
  • CO = CutOff (one before the button)

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