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Sunday, August 10, 2008 

Why am I stupid?

I have an overpair or top pair top kicker.

I get check raised.

I somehow call the guy down or reshove.

Every fucking time the guy has flopped a set.

I did this not once, not twice, but three times this morning.

In other news, I lost $30 with QQ against a donk who called my $8 3 bet with K3 and flopped a king. He was a nut and just shoved the flop after calling out of position. It was a pot sized bet so I called and byebye money.

Last night I lost a buy in when I had JJ on 873 flop with 2 callers. I bet $5 into $7 pot, one caller. turn is a 5, I bet $12, donk calls. River is a king. Pot is like $36, he has $24 left. I check figuring I'll only get called by a better hand so I might as well let the guy bluff. He shoves, I call...he shows me AKo :(

I'm now up $10 for the month in cash games after losing $230 the last two days. I keep making stupid mistakes. ARGH

Didn;t know you were posting again...I have some catching up to do.

updates please!!

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  • NL = No Limit Holdem
  • PLO = Pot Limit Omaha
  • CP = Crazy Pineapple
  • TD = Triple Draw
  • UTG = Under the Gun (first to act)
  • MP = Middle Position
  • LP = Late Position
  • CO = CutOff (one before the button)

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