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Monday, December 31, 2007 

Downswing fun

my biggest downswing ever unfortunately

All hands played at $50 NL

The top of the mountain was Thursday night when I won $90 and then I
seemed to have gone to sleep then woken up Friday and forgotten how to
win :(

The last 3 days I've started up about +$30 and then the downward
spirals took hold. Down 100, 177 and 162 the last 3 days. The nice run
before that was from the 19th to the 27th where I didn't have a losing
day. Still up for the month at least so all is good (kind of!)

So I've lost almost 10 buyins and I attribute probably 4 buyins to
tilt. I was running great and about to move back up to 100 NL but I've
got some work to do now.

Variance sucks but this is why bankroll management is your friend!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007 

November Report

Made about $500 for the month of November + about $150 in rakeback. Not bad but it was a rocky month at $50 NL

$25NL : 6582 hands : +$294.80
$30NL : 141 hands : -$58.20 (got on a deep stack table and didn't realize)
$50NL : 8310 hands : +$255.20

Played well in tournaments with a win and a second in thursday night tourneys which was nice.

December has started out rough as I've made some bad plays and gotten my money in bad. Sunday was my first day playing and I was quickly down 3 buy ins, made it all back, was even up $80 only to lose that and the 3 buy ins again. Still down a couple of buy ins for the month and hoping that will turn around.

Just lost another buy in with 87 against a maniac with Q8 on a JT9 flop. No way I'm not getting my money in there but oh well.

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