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Sunday, September 09, 2007 

Rakeback is your friend

The Full Tilt challenge continues and it almost ended again.

I made what I guess is a stupid play in hindsight. Even the maniacs hit the nuts once in a while right?

I found a nice $25 table. I have 95s in the big blind. Maniac and 2 others call preflop. Flop comes JT6. It checks around. Turn is a 8 now giving me a gutshot and flush draw. Maniac bets out $2 into a $1 pot. Another guy calls and I call closing the action. River is the 7 but doesn't make my flush. So I hit my gutshot. Only Q9 beats me. So I bet out, maniac raises of course and I call, he shows me Q9 and I'm crippled :(

I was down to my last $3 and worked my way back up to $12

Luckily I have rakeback at FullTilt and a few days ago I got a nice $15 back in my account. So I was back up to $30.

Sat at a $25 table last night and doubled that :) Back up to $55. yay

Sunday, September 02, 2007 

Stop cracking my aces people

FTP bankroll challenge update:

The bankroll is now currently $20 up from $15.

I reached a high of $30 but unfortunately my AA got cracked by 77.

UTG raises, I am UTG + 1 and reraise. He calls.

Flop 855. He checks, I bet the size of the pot on the flop, he calls.

Turn 9. He pushes all in? I call

Guy has 77 on the gutshot semibluff and hits a 7 for the full house on the river. SIGH

I played an $11 tourney with about 400 people on Bodog last night. I finished 28th and cashed for $20. Not great but considering I haven't been cashing a lot lately, I'll take it!

  • NL = No Limit Holdem
  • PLO = Pot Limit Omaha
  • CP = Crazy Pineapple
  • TD = Triple Draw
  • UTG = Under the Gun (first to act)
  • MP = Middle Position
  • LP = Late Position
  • CO = CutOff (one before the button)

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