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Saturday, August 23, 2008 

Where do I go now?

I haven't played much lately.

I played about 6 tournaments last night and cashed in 2. I won a $26 token in the $6 tourney where top 37 got tokens and I cashed in the $3 rebuy on Full Tilt finishing 37th.

I've played maybe a few hundred hands of cash poker in the last week and a half. Nothing exciting.

My trial version of Pokertracker 3 ended and I have been pushing off buying it. On Matt's recommendation, I decided to try Hold'em Manager. I really like it but I can't get it to import my Full Tilt hand histories. I haven't spent any time troubleshooting that yet though.

I'm trying to figure out what my poker goals are. I like tournaments but I hate having to sit down for 5 hours straight to go deep in them. I then hate that after 5 hours I may still have very little to show for it unless you finish at the top.

I like cash games but the swings are starting to kill me. Volume is necessary at the lower limits and I'm not sure how far I want to push it.

I used to rock sit and goes but looking at hourly rates, do I really want to just start playing the $16 turbos again and have to play more than 4 at a time to make any kind of decent money?

Do I want to join another training site? Do I even have time to watch any of the videos?

A part of me wants to play bigger tournaments and finally win one that has a field over 100 players. As many cashes as I've had, I don't think I've ever won one in a big field. I had a second in a 180 man and I finished 19th in the $11 rebuy once. I yearn for the cash and glory.

The cash games have pretty much been one thing for me this year. They have been a way to get points to get free stuff out of their stores. So far I've gotten a Full Tilt hockey jersey and an Ipod Touch. Do I want to just keep putting in the volume there to get more?

Do I really want to put the volume in for tournaments? It's fun playing big events here and there but to really handle swings, I'd have to play a lot more. I said my best finish in a 180 man sit and go is 2nd. But I've probably only played 60 or 70 total in the last few years. I'd need to play hundreds to see any kind of statistical significance for ROI.

I may play a bunch this weekend but the next couple of weeks playing will be sparce. In mid September I'll figure out whether I want to stick with PT3 or Holdem Manager and then decide on training as well.

Maybe I should stop thinking of poker as a way to make money and enjoy the game for what it is.

Or I can win the $11 rebuy tonight (please) and my questions will be answered.

i hear you on the frustration, scott. but imo, the swings are nothing in cash compared to tournaments. I mean, you can't EVER catch up on variance in the 180s, can you? meanwhile play is pretty horrible at .25/.50 and if i can figure out how to stop stacking off preflop ak < kk vs the nit regulars, I'm gonna kill it ;) tilt seems to have basically evaporated as i move away from tournaments. tilt.

That's funny Matt. As I have moved from tourney's to cash I am having all sorts of tilt issues that weren't present when playing tournies. It's funny , I'm having a winning month, a good ones at that, and am finding myself the least motivated ever. I'm really not sure cash is for me, which is weird since I used to enjoy it. Hmm maybe a break is in order?? Scott obvs. I'm in the same camp as you trying to figure out what I want to play.

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