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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Posting about winning is the kiss of death

Just a quick update

I'm 0 for my last 9 sit and gos

no love

Sunday, May 27, 2007 

Sit and Go Challenge - update at 100

Played a bit this weekend and reached my 100th sit and go.

Had a nice run including testing the waters at the $27 turbos.

So here are the stats:

I ran really well :)

Played 2 of the $27 turbos and won them both :)
All the rest are $16 turbos

Total Profit: $641.50

Total SNGs: 100

In the money: 47

Return On Investment: 39.5%











I have cashed in 14 of my last 24 (which is my total for May).

My longest stretch without a cash was 8 tourneys.
My longest stretch in the money was 5 tourneys in a row.

47% in the money is just sick. I doubt it is sustainable long term but it is a nice number to see :)
When I started, I was hoping for at least a 40% rate, so we'll see where that number goes in the long run.

Wish me luck in continuing on this nice pace :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007 

Back in action

Wednesday night I played in the PSO league $5 tourney on Absolute.

I had a wake up call when I called down a player with second pair and he ended up having aces. I realized how passive I've been playing lately and it was time to get back to the tight aggressive winning way.

Thursday night I went into the Chiptalk tourney with a winning attitude and an aggressive mindset. I put away other distractions and focused on the tournament instead of multitasking like I usually do. Boy did it pay off.

45 entrants and with around half the field gone, I broke away from the pack with some good hands. I broke 10000 chips at the 100/200 level and was the chip leader while second in chips only had about 6k. As we got down to the final table, I picked my spots and knocked out some small stacks as mine built up to about 17k while the next biggest stack was about 8 or 9k.

I was really happy with the way I played the big stack until we got to about 4 handed. The other players were very aggressive with their short stacks and I think I didn't try to steal blinds enough.

When it got down to heads up we were about even in chips. I lost a few hands and then got all in with A3 and was called by KQ. My ace held up and I was up about 55k to 10k. Unfortunately I couldn't put him a way at that point and he built back up to even. I reraised him all in again with A6, he thought a while and called with A8. I almost didn't even notice the board pair and a couple of higher cards than his 8 gave us a split and saved me from being down to 5k chips.

We battled a while and as blinds went up I managed to trap him with AA and finally put it away with my 3rd Chiptalk tourney win :)

I've played a little over the weekend so far as well.

My Sit and Go challenge is partially resumed as I played 4 of them, with finishes of 1, 3, 4, 4. The two bubbles sucked.

I also played a little bit of the NL cash games on UltimateBet and made about $60 :)

So a nice few days at the tables and hopefully more to come!


  • NL = No Limit Holdem
  • PLO = Pot Limit Omaha
  • CP = Crazy Pineapple
  • TD = Triple Draw
  • UTG = Under the Gun (first to act)
  • MP = Middle Position
  • LP = Late Position
  • CO = CutOff (one before the button)

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